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Inventors have a drive to create that is very rare and totally unique. No matter what ideas you are working on, our team wants to help you make it a viable reality. Let Iinventt help. Our team has over two decades of experience working with the invention patent process, which makes us very good at what we do. If you are wondering exactly how the process works, all you have to do is keep reading

What Sets Us Apart

When you look at the way most invention companies operate, their goal is to purchase ideas outright from inventors who don’t have the time or inclination to build their own businesses as entrepreneurs. This can be a good thing for prolific people who know they will have another salable idea soon, but it leaves money on the table if your invention performs better than expected. When you send us your invention idea, we review it, then we develop it at our expense and risk and pay you the inventor a royalty when it sells.

Concept & Design

Turn your ideas into real and incredible designs.


Develop your product to work the way that you envisioned.


Find reliable and qualified suppliers across the globe.

Manufacturing & Production

Build your products for the global market.

Product Strategy & Marketing

We find different ways to build recognition for your brand.

Sales & Distribution

Bring your products to potential retailers all over the world.

Some of the cool things our team has worked on

How This Works

Send Us Your Idea
Our Team Will Review Your Idea
If we like the idea we will develop it
We pay you a royalty if it sells


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