Discover Our Portfolio of Successful Past Products

 If you are an inventor, then you know that product development services are not all created equally. Before you submit your work to someone for development, you want to know that they have a track record of success. That’s why we showcase all of our successful products on this page and its sub-pages. Here you will find a variety of products in many categories, and they are all from inventors just like yourself.

Our Portfolio

Sell My Ideas 

Our team can take your product invention to the next level. Each new product we take on we personally develop and market to the right audience. Here are the steps after you submitted your idea:

1. We take your submission package under review

2. If the review team feels it has promise, we develop it

3. Marketing research, production research, and distribution are all researched

4. Each of those is planned out to fit the needs and market size of the product

5. We build and sell your items

6. When the product reaches profitability, you pick up royalties

If all goes well, your product will find its way into this very portfolio.